Collect and Trade Priceless Items on the Blockchain

What is notpriceless?

notpriceless is a blockchain based collectible marketplace. Every collectible edition lives on the blockchain and is backed by a physical item.

Are these virtual or real items?

You are collecting real, physical items. You can ask to have the item sent to you at any time by redeeming your digital token.

How do I collect items?

Simply bid on an item or buy from the marketplace – once you’ve won, it will be added to your vault.

What can I do with the items I own?

You can redeem your digital token for a physical item which will be sent to you. You can also trade, sell or transfer your digital token easily on our marketplace.

How do I verify ownership?

All editions are verifiably unique – your proof of ownership is inscribed on the blockchain, and that lets you easily sell, transfer or trade any edition you own. A certificate of authenticity with a cryptographic key is attached to each item.

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